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About Me:

  • Female

  • Date of Birth: May, 2022

  • Castrated, current on vaccines, Rabies, internal / external parasite treatments, negative for both Feline HIV / Leukemia

Interested in adopting me?

Please contact Refugio Rescat:


Adoption Rules

1. Of legal age

2. Telephone interview

3. Safe house (escape proof)

4. Premium food (Nutrisource is recommended)

5. Veterinary records such as corresponding vaccination each year

6. Send a photograph of the vaccination card with your first vaccinations

7. Deworming as appropriate

8. Maintain economic solvency

9. Castration at 5 months old

10. Adoption fee to continue helping the shelter with other kittens

11. Sending photos and video in the future when the Refuge requests it

12. If you cannot provide a minimum of food or cat litter to help the Refuge

13. Signature of adoption document

Note: The adoption follow-up will occur after 6 to 12 months. If it is found that the adopted cat is not being cared for as necessary, it will be removed from the home.