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Volunteer Policies

  1. There is a small minimum time commitment from our volunteers so we can rely on them to help keep the cats well cared for. We ask for 1 shift per week for at least 3 months since it takes time to train a volunteer for this role and also time to feel comfortable taking care of our cats and customer questions. Of course, if you would like more shifts, we would be very grateful for any time you can provide!
  2. You must be at least 15 years old to volunteer alone during a shift and we welcome families to volunteer with children 10 years and older.
  3. Volunteers cannot bring their own animals into Coffee Cat Café.
  4. All volunteers will conduct themselves in a professional and kind manner towards staff, customers, adopters and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, our cats. If there are any concerns or issues with customers or adopters, please direct this to our Cat Lounge Assistant who will be trained to handle conflict resolution at the café.
  5. All volunteers are expected to show up on time and stay for the duration of the volunteer shift unless otherwise discussed in advance. This is very important as we all rely on each other. If you do not show up for a shift, it affects the cat care and puts further strain on team members. If you miss more than 3 shifts, without prior notice, you will no longer be able to volunteer at Coffee Cat Café.
  6. No volunteers are allowed to administer medicine to our cats unless given specific direction to do so. Our Manager, Veterinarian, and Cat Lounge Assistant will be taking care of all medical needs. If you see a cat that needs medical attention, please let us know.
  7. All volunteers will wear a Coffee Cat Café apron while on shift so staff, customers, and adopters can easily identify you for help and questions – and it also helps keep your clothes a bit cleaner 😀.
  8. All volunteers will complete the daily shift report checklist to provide consistent care for our cats, which is located in the Cat Storage Room.
  9. While on shift, please limit personal calls as this affects your ability to perform the necessary tasks and affects the other team members.
  10. There is absolutely NO SMOKING in the Café or directly outside of the Café.
  11. There is limited free outdoor parking at City Place and paid parking in the underground garage at your own expense.
  12. All volunteers are asked to Read and Sign our Non-Liability Agreement. (Coming Soon)